Well. What a turn-up!

My wife and I love the film “Serendipity”. We call it “our” film. It has a good mix of Kate Beckinsale and some sort of storyline.

I decided a while ago that when I open my café, it will be called Serendipity. I looked around and saw the serendipity.co.uk was already taken, and that it went to a holding page for a domain auction site. I attempted to contact the domain registrant, but he never replied to any of my emails.

By chance, I noticed that the domain was due for renewal on July 30th 2013. As the date approached, I thought I would keep an eye on it. On 31st July, the domain appeared to have not been renewed. It was registered with one of the domain registrars that I use, so on a whim I tried to request a transfer in of the domain to my control panel. And it worked!

I am now the proud owner of my chosen domain, and here is the site to prove it!

Now to start filling it with wonderful yumminess and mindless musings.

This is going to be a protracted process and things will change/break/improve as time goes on. As they say on a certain programme, “Bear with…”

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  1. Hi,
    I work for an Italian Nursery School called ‘Serendipity’ and whilst searching for possible future website domains found here, amazing! Good luck with all your projects, if my experience working in a company of the name Serendipity is anything to go by, there will be a lot of coincidences that will keep you going!
    Laura 🙂

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for the lovely comments! I hope you find your ideal domain name, there are fewer and fewer available these days! Come back and tell us your domain name when you have found one…

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