So last night the wife and I headed to London. I’d been invited to a meeting by HTC Elevate staff, to preview their next offering, the HTC One Mini.

It was great to meet some of the people I see on Twitter or in the HTC members website. Some were as expected, others, well, geek doesn’t even cover it! Some people turned up with bagfuls of gear, including ancient handsets and laptops.

In the giveaways, there were phones and other goodies. I went there with the ambition of winning an Android plushie toy, but that honour fell to my wife, while I came away with just the goodie bag of small odds and ends. Although the jellybeans were a nice touch!

Beer flowed freely, because it was supplied freely. Food was distinctly below par, but that was the pub people and nothing to do with the HTC people. The guys from HTC were friendly and helpful, although when Laura was doing the raffle we at the back did not hear because of people talking loudly next to us.

The meet was sort of a them-and-us thing. Some frequent flyers hung around together in groups and didn’t involve themselves with us newbies, while others made us feel very welcome.

Laura from HTC giving out prizes


I am glad I went, if only for the little goodie bag and the chance to put faces and voices to names. In these times of hardship for even the best of phone manufacturers, it is nice that they still value their customers enough to put on these meetings. In all, I think there were 4 phones given out, some battery banks for charging while out and about, a set of Beats headphones and t-shirts and toys.

One girl who had made an enormous effort to dress up, including a floral headpiece, won a phone. Her reaction and happiness is what is so lacking sometimes, when people expect to be given freebies and gifts for nothing.

Thank you HTC for putting on this meet. I enjoyed the experience, and am grateful to have been given the chance to attend the event. Even if i didn’t win a plushie myself…

Hey there plushie!


Video highlights of the evening

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