I don’t like claiming on insurance. Much less do I like claiming on someone else’s insurance. But we recently noticed a small tiny leak on our incoming stopcock in the kitchen. The drop was very slight, in fact the pipe was only damp, it was that small. I tried tightening the nut but it didn’t want to move. So I called in a plumber. He was heaving and grunting away and then said it was still leaking. He also said he would need to order parts as it wasn’t a standard size.

Anyway, a couple of days later I came into the kitchen to find the floor was ruined. Wet, bulging and squelchy under foot. The joint had sprung a gusher! I turned off the water outside and called the plumber back. He spent over half an hour looking at the floor before simply replacing the olive on the incoming pipe. Far from the non standard parts he had to order!

So grudgingly I put in a claim against his insurance. They refused it yesterday after first alleging they couldn’t see the pictures I sent in, saying that I should have taken steps to stop the leak! I thought that turning off the water main outside would be sufficient, but maybe they wanted me to atomise the water in the kitchen too?

Anyway, this is a very short recollection of events. I wrote them a 5 page email last night going into incredibly anal detail about oxidation, metallurgy and the like. I wrote it humourously, but hopefully with an undertone of a person who is not blagging it or who doesn’t know what they are talking about. I may share my email here in due course.

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