So, Easter is out of the way and we have a week off. We are relaxing again at Primrose Cottage in Dorset. It’s a lovely place in the middle of nowhere and we are here with agendas; Kate is making revisions to her book (the third one, I think) and I am here to spend a little time on my blog, and also to create some recipe ideas.

Last time we were here, I mentioned the lack of a whisk when the owners popped in to say hi. I was busy making a triple-chocolate mousse as I recall. This time, Rachel has kindly left her own personal whisk for my use! I have some ideas and will see if I can document some during the week.

We bought a couple of rib-eye steaks at huge cost, but they are one of the best steaks you can eat in my opinion! We’ve also bought scallops, smoked mackerel and other odds and sods.

I’m looking forward to the quiet this week, away from the hustle and bustle of work. Now to start planning some delicious morsels. I have my recipe book and a pen, that’s the way I rock.

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