It’s been too long!

I was reminded today that my site is grossly out of date. In truth, this is partly down to the fact that my camera is never charged when I create, and my previous phone’s camera let me down in dramatic, red-hue style. I now have a new phone with a funkaliscious camera so watch out […]

A classic Viccy sponge

And why not? Sometime when you are wondering what new cake to make, simplicity takes over and you revert to basics!

Project Bacon

Ok, the time has come. I have started a bacon project. Over the next 10 days I will hopefully create a sweetcure streaky bacon. I started with about a kilo of belly pork. Actually, I started a little before that… So now we have our required pre-requisite beer (in my case. It could be wine, […]

Bringing home the bacon

My wife bought some bacon from our local butcher the other day. Do you know what? She said it tasted different to supermarket bacon and also looked different. The odd thing was, she actually meant that the locally cured bacon didn’t taste as good as the pre-packed stuff. This spurred me on to think about […]

Post-Easter break

Picture taken from the Primrose Cottage website

So, Easter is out of the way and we have a week off. We are relaxing again at Primrose Cottage in Dorset. It’s a lovely place in the middle of nowhere and we are here with agendas; Kate is making revisions to her book (the third one, I think) and I am here to spend […]

Happy New Year!

Wow, January came round very quickly! I must catch up and put some more recipes online! Christmas was a time of indulgence. A lot of baking and cooking was done, including yule logs, stollen, and of course on the day itself, turkey (cooked for the first time!) and beef. Everything went to plan, the turkey […]

It’s that time of year…

So, December approaches. It’s that particular time of year which I don’t talk about, or think about until at least mid-December, but this year it is a little different. We have decided to give out home-made gift baskets to family and close friends. I have just taken delivery of 72, yes, 72 half-size jars. This […]

Ah, weekends!

Weekends in my house are strange occasions. Due to both parties being on second marriages, each weekend is different. This weekend for example, we have the kids. Next week, we won’t have any kids! At least, that is what has happened until recently. So, the kids in order of age are 21, 19, 17, 13, […]